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Shower Room Installation Clifford Bridge Rd Coventry

This is a bathroom that we transformed to a shower room on Clifford Bridge Rd Coventry. Originally a bathroom measuring 168cm long, 210cm wide and 246cm high. The bathroom layout is very typical of any famliy bathroom with the bath on the left wall and basin and toilet on the back window wall and radiator […]

How to turn a dated bathroom into a modern shower room

People are beginning to realise that a bath is no more than a 45cm deep shower tray, as the bath is normally used as a place to take a shower, very ralerly if ever filled with water and used as a bath. This is one of the reasons why people are turning their dated bathrooms […]

Bathroom Converted to Shower Room Belgrave Rd Wyken Coventry

This is a standard sized bathroom for the style of house on Belgrave Rd Wyken Coventry. The bathroom is 178cm wide and 166cm long and is classed as a small bathroom. The clients wanted to change it to a shower room with as much storage as possible. Below is the original bathroom floor plan. We […]

Make Bathroom Bigger by Converting to Shower Rooms

This is traditional bathroom in a 1930 built home in England. The bathroom is 158cm long by 166cm wide. The home owners wanted to create more space within the bathroom and convert it into a shower room. The image below shows the original floor plan of the bathroom. As you can see it has a […]

Luxury Bathroom Renovation with Quadrant Shower and Bath

Luxury Bathroom Renovation with Quadrant Shower and Bath The bathroom is larger than a traditional family bathroom; with the space available to have both a P shaped shower bath and an offset quadrant shower 120cm by 80cm. We fitted a wall mounted thermostatic shower to both the bath and shower. The basin is a designer […]

Bathroom converted to Shower Room Tiled with Hidden Pipes

The client approached us and explained that due to mobility issues they required the bathroom to be converted to a shower room. The bathroom originally had a toilet on the left hand side with the toilet waste pipe running in the room behind the toilet basin and bath to the soil stack in the right […]

Wall to Wall Bathroom Storage with Quadrant Shower Coventry

This bathroom is in a house in Radford Coventry. The bathroom is not the normal 170cm x 190cm which is common in Radford and Coundon houses. This bathroom is more narrow at 150cm and is much longer at 250cm. The bathroom layout consisted of a rectangle shower, basin at the end of the shower and […]

Convert Bathroom to Mobility Shower Room Styvechale Coventry

We were invited to design a mobility shower room to help a home owner better use the facilities in the bathroom. It was decided that a low level shower would be easier to step in and out of than the traditional bath tub. The bathroom size is larger than the standard bathroom measuring 279cm long […]

Bathroom Converted to Shower Room in Wyken Coventry

This is a very ordinary bathroom in a home in Wyken Coventry. The size of the bathroom is 179cm wide by 208cm long. The client required that the bathroom be converted to an easy access modern shower room and that the toilet by moved by 10cm – 20cm off the wall to provide more space […]

Separate Bathroom and Toilet Converted into Shower Room

The bathroom and toilet were originally two rooms each with its own door leading  into the hallway. The client requested that we remove the separating wall between the bathroom and toilet, close off one of the doors and convert the bathroom into a large shower room. The image below shows the two separate rooms and […]