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Coventry Bathrooms Lowest Price

The tiles in this section are Beige Travertine effect Ceramic wall and corresponding floor tile. This tile is so popular that we fit more of this tile than all other tiles added together. The tile size is 600mm x 600mm x 8mm.

Make Bathroom Bigger by Converting to Shower Rooms

This is traditional bathroom in a 1930 built home in England. The bathroom is 158cm long by 166cm wide. The home owners wanted to create more space within the bathroom and convert it into a shower room. The image below shows the original floor plan of the bathroom. As you can see it has a […]

Bathroom & Toilet Renovation to Single Bathroom Kenilworth

Bathroom & Toilet Renovation to Single Bathroom Kenilworth This house on Oaks Road Kenilworth has a separate toilet to the bathroom. Many houses on Oaks road and around that area have a similar bathroom and toilet design layout. The bathroom felt small and confined being only 150cm wide at the basin end. The clients requested […]

Bathroom Renovation With Shower Bath and Stylish Storage

Bathroom Renovation With Shower Bath and Stylish Storage This is a bathroom renovation in a house in Kersely Coventry. The clients had a strong idea of what they were trying to achieve with the renovation. Choosing an L shaped shower bath with all other bathroom fixtures with matching straight lines or square edges. The images […]

Bathroom with Shower Bath and Space Saving Basin with Storage

Bathroom with Shower Bath and Space Saving Basin with Storage. A bathroom that we refitted as a bathroom with a shower bath, finished with stylish wall and floor tiles. To combat the small space available fitted a 90cm space saving vanity unit comprising of a toilet and basin with cupboard storage. The bathroom tiles were […]

Kenilworth home refitted with P shaped Bath and Triton Electric Shower

This is a bathroom in a house in Kenilworth that we renovated. The bathroom was fitted with a P shaped shower bath, Triton Aspirante electric shower and vanity storage basin. The original bathroom consisted of a standard bathroom suite with pedestal basin, toilet, straight bath with the shower at the wrong end of bath. The […]

Remove Corner Bath and Fit P Shaped Shower Bath

The clients though the corner bath took too much of the floor space. They came to the conclusion that a corner bath is not ideal to use as a shower bath. For these reasons amongst others they required a bathroom renovation which would include changing the corner bath for a P shaped shower bath. The […]

Convert Bathroom to Mobility Walk In Shower Allesley Coventry

The client required that the bathroom be urgently converted to a walk in shower room with a large walk in shower tray. The client had recently undergone surgery which had left them with mobility issues and they found it impossible to get in and out of the bath. Floor Plan and Shower Mobility Design The […]

Old Bathroom updated to a New Fitted Bathroom Leamington Spa

This bathroom is a slightly wider bathroom than the standard, at 239cm wide with the standard bathroom being between 180cm and 210cm. The bathroom layout was to remain as the original with the bath basin and towel warmer being fitted in the same location. The replacement bath selected is a P shaped shower bath. This […]

Old Bathroom Transformed into Easy Access Walk-In Shower

The bathroom is on the ground floor with the soil pipe in the concrete floor. The soil pipe comes out of the floor 40cm into the room. There is a cupboard in the bathroom that can be removed. The client is a senior lady that finds it difficult to step into the bath and requires […]

Remove Corner Bath and Replace with Curved Shower

Corners baths are not ideal for using as a bath shower as the only real type of shower screen is a shower curtain not a glass shower screen. As a bath they take a lot of water to fill. We take out a lot of corner baths and convert the room into a shower rooms […]