Terms and Conditions

We intend on keeping to our promise. The set prices offered on this web site are actual prices that cover the costs of a new bathroom supplied and fitted. In most cases that will be the full price that you will pay. If you require any changes to the set bathroom or your bathroom is larger than the set size then extra costs will be added to the quotation. Below are the most common examples of when the set price bathroom price increases.


A skip needs to be placed outside of the property, if a skip cannot be located outside the property, then we will need to charge extra for double handling the waste. Without a skip we have to load it on to a vehicle then drive it to a waste site and the unload it. This takes time and resources

Bathroom Size

The set price can be offered for bathrooms under a certain size. Please note that the size we set is the standard size bathroom for most family homes. If your bathroom is larger then you will only have to pay a square meter price for tiles and fitting for the extra area.

Upgrade tiles, Bathroom suite or fittings

It is possible to change products like tiles, taps etc. If the items you require are more costly than the items in the set price offer, then the extra cost for the items will be added to the quotation.


If you supply extra fitting like mirrors towel rails etc, then the cost of the time to fit the items will need to be met. Any extra fittings you order from us will need to be paid for as well as the cost of the fitting of the items

Electric Shower

If you have an electric shower, we will need to employ the services of an electrician to remove the shower and then refit it when the new tiles have been fitted. If you require an electric shower, then the price on the electric shower and the fitting by an electrician will need to be met and will be added to the quotation.


From the center of Coventry we will travel a 10 mile radius for the set price. Any location out side this area will be charged per mile.

Bathroom fitted in 8 days

In most cases it only takes 8 days to complete a bathroom, it is possible that we may run in to an unknown difficulty that could result with the work taking longer than suggested. This could be as a result of many situations out of our control such as condition of the walls, floor, pipework, skip not being delivered, bathroom suite or tiles not being delivered or delivered late, damaged or faulty.

On occasions we are able to finish a bathroom in 6 days, this is when everything goes exactly to plan. Sometimes it take 12 days this is when things do not go to plan.

If the work schedule changes from 8 days, we will tell you as soon as we realise and we will also let you know what has caused the delay and the estimated time for the work to be completed. We like to get the work finished on time so we can then move on to the next booked in job.