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Bathroom fitted with L Shaped Shower Bath Banner Brook Park Coventry

This is a bathroom on the new Banner Brook Park estate in Tile hill Coventry that the owners wanted to renovate. They gave us a list of items that are important to them in the new bathroom, they included A larger bath allowing for easier showering and preferably an L shaped shower bath Tiling the […]

New Fitted Bathroom Greenhill Rd Whitnash Leamington Spa CV31

This is a bathroom we fitted in Greenhill Rd Whitnash Leamington Spa. Often the orignal bathroom layout and design are the best for the room. This bathroom did not need to be redisgned. The position of the toilet, basin bath and towel warmer could not be improved. The refit specifaction included removing the current bathroom, […]

A Bathroom Renovation on Marsdale Drive Nuneaton

A Bathroom Renovation on Marsdale Drive Nuneaton This is a bathroom renovation on a home on Marsdale Drive Nuneaton. The bathroom is longer than a standard size bathroom at 251cm long and 160cm wide. The original bathroom design and layout did not allow for the bath to be correctly used a shower bath. The bath […]

Walk In Shower Room Binley Coventry

This is a normal bathroom layout slightly longer than a traditional bathroom but a similar length. We converted this bathroom to a walk in shower room, but instead of using a wet room kit, used a stone resin shower tray. The tray size is 170cm long by 80cm wide. The shower screen is 8mm thick […]

Wall to Wall Bathroom Units Fitted In Warwick

We were asked to modernize a bathroom in a home in Warwick. The bathroom is longer than the standard bathroom size of 1.7m (170cm) at 1.97m (197cm). A bathroom length longer than 1.7m brings a problem of how to finish the space at the end of the bath. A bath is normally 1.67m – 1.7m […]

Bathroom Converted to Shower Room in Wyken Coventry

This is a very ordinary bathroom in a home in Wyken Coventry. The size of the bathroom is 179cm wide by 208cm long. The client required that the bathroom be converted to an easy access modern shower room and that the toilet by moved by 10cm – 20cm off the wall to provide more space […]

Separate Bathroom and Toilet Converted into Shower Room

The bathroom and toilet were originally two rooms each with its own door leading  into the hallway. The client requested that we remove the separating wall between the bathroom and toilet, close off one of the doors and convert the bathroom into a large shower room. The image below shows the two separate rooms and […]

Mobility Walk In Shower With Modern Tiling And Storage Basin

This bathroom we converted to shower room with a low level walk in shower tray. The shower room needed to provide better access and function to a person with mobility needs. The image below shows four stages of the work, the start, the rip out, the fitting and finally the finished mobility shower room. Here […]

How to Make a Bathroom Warmer When Carrying Out A Refit

This was a bathroom that lost its heat very quickly. The walls are single skin one layer of brick and have no insulation. After removing all of the bathroom suite and tiles, we then removed the plaster from the walls going back to brick. Photos of the Bathroom Before Below is an image of the […]

Removed studded wall to make walk in shower larger

On our first visit to the ensuite, we realized it was very possible that we would be able to increase the size of the shower area by removing a studded wall. In our experience we find that in many cases shower areas within a newly built are smaller than they need be as a studded […]