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Bathroom Converted to a 1200mm x 800mm Rectangle Shower

We converted this bathroom to a shower room. To achieve this we had to move the toilet, basin and change the location of the original bath. The drawing below shows the original floor plan for the bathroom which shows the toilet on the left hand wall along with the basin and the corner bath on […]

Refitted Bathroom with Space Saving Vanity Basin in Stoke Coventry

This is a new build house in stoke Coventry. The original bathroom floor plan had the basin on the left hand wall taking up important floor space. On the first visit we suggested that it would be possible to open up the bathroom floor space by re-positioning the basin to the left hand side of […]

Bath to Shower Remodel Coventry

The house is in Condon Coventry and was built before the Second World War. The bathroom is not the regular rectangle shape. Over time the upstairs floor plan had been altered, closing doorways and opening other. The bathroom presented several obstacles that we had to resolve before the shower room could be finished. This is […]

Bathroom Converted to New Style Bathroom P Shaped Bath

A bathroom that we converted to a new style bathroom with a stand in P shaped shower bath. The bathroom is a very typical bathroom in a semi or end terrace in a home in Radford, Coundon or Kersley Coventry. The bathroom measures 170cm long by 180cm wide. This did provide space for a toilet, […]

Convert a Bathroom to Shower room and use all of the floor space

When converting a bathroom to a shower room, it is easy to design the layout with the shower sitting in the same location as the bath, running between the hall wall and exterior wall. However if you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with a space between the side wall and the edge of […]

Convert A Bathroom to a Shower room with Vanity Basin

Many families are realising that they only use a bath to take a shower and never use the bath as a bath, When this realisation is made, when the bathroom needs refitting the decision is made to convert the bathroom to a shower room. The client requested that we convert the bathroom to a shower […]

Ensuite refitted in Coventry Detached Home

Ensuite refitted in Coventry Detached home. The house had been purchased and before the new owners moved in, they wanted to carry out some updating which included refitting the ensuite bathroom. The original ensuite was partly tiled, partly painted and had word skirting and access panels that had become slightly water damaged over time. The […]