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Mobility Shower Room with hand rails and Triton Safeguard Shower

This was an existing shower room that did not meet the needs of the elderly home owner. This is a downstairs apartment with concrete floors and no access to any drainage below floor surface which made it impossible to fit the shower at floor level. The shower tray had to be above floor level. Below […]

Bathroom in Coventry Home Converted To Mobility Shower Room

This is a house in Wyken Coventry that we converted from a normal family bathroom to a mobility shower room with a low level shower. The bathroom was finished with wall to wall vanity storage. The layout of the bathroom did not change. We removed everything from the bathroom including the wall and floor tiles. […]

Walk In Mobility Shower Room Coventry

We were first contacted by the children of the clients, as the clients are aging they required that the bathroom be converted to an easy to use walk in mobility shower room. The bathroom size is unusual as it is only 140cm wide; this is at least 30cm smaller than a standard bathroom width. The […]

Convert Bathroom to Mobility Shower Room Styvechale Coventry

We were invited to design a mobility shower room to help a home owner better use the facilities in the bathroom. It was decided that a low level shower would be easier to step in and out of than the traditional bath tub. The bathroom size is larger than the standard bathroom measuring 279cm long […]

Bathroom converted to a mobility shower room Tile Hill

This bathroom we converted to a mobility shower room in Tile Hill Coventry. The son first visited our showroom and explained that his father’s health was making the use of the current bathroom difficult and they were looking to change the bathroom to something easier for him to use. A walk in shower area with […]

Convert Bathroom to Mobility Walk In Shower Allesley Coventry

The client required that the bathroom be urgently converted to a walk in shower room with a large walk in shower tray. The client had recently undergone surgery which had left them with mobility issues and they found it impossible to get in and out of the bath. Floor Plan and Shower Mobility Design The […]

Bathroom Converted to Walk In Shower Allesley Coventry

The client’s bathroom wish list included a walk in shower, basin with storage and a modern look finish. The bathroom is a standard size bathroom of many of the homes in Coundon and Allesley in Coventry. 184cm long x 164cm wide and 230cm high. Below is the original bathroom floor plan Allowing for space between […]

Old Bathroom Transformed into Easy Access Walk-In Shower

The bathroom is on the ground floor with the soil pipe in the concrete floor. The soil pipe comes out of the floor 40cm into the room. There is a cupboard in the bathroom that can be removed. The client is a senior lady that finds it difficult to step into the bath and requires […]

Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower £4,600

Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower £4,600 We have pre designed and priced mobility easy access walk in Shower rooms suitable for the elderly or people with certain disabilities. Most bathrooms that have a full length bath can be converted to a shower room with a walk in shower, fixed shower screen, wall mounted or […]

Mobility Walk In Shower With Modern Tiling And Storage Basin

This bathroom we converted to shower room with a low level walk in shower tray. The shower room needed to provide better access and function to a person with mobility needs. The image below shows four stages of the work, the start, the rip out, the fitting and finally the finished mobility shower room. Here […]