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Mobility Shower Room with hand rails and Triton Safeguard Shower

This was an existing shower room that did not meet the needs of the elderly home owner. This is a downstairs apartment with concrete floors and no access to any drainage below floor surface which made it impossible to fit the shower at floor level. The shower tray had to be above floor level. Below […]

Shower Room Installation Clifford Bridge Rd Coventry

This is a bathroom that we transformed to a shower room on Clifford Bridge Rd Coventry. Originally a bathroom measuring 168cm long, 210cm wide and 246cm high. The bathroom layout is very typical of any famliy bathroom with the bath on the left wall and basin and toilet on the back window wall and radiator […]

Wall Removed in Bathroom Renovation Kaldewei Bath Fitted

This was a bathroom with separate toilet. We had to remove the wall between the bathroom and toilet and then build a new solid studded wall closing the original toilet door and creating a new door way into the larger bathroom. The clients gave me a list of items that was important to them regarding […]

L Shaped Shower Bathroom in home on Lime tree Ave Coventry

The client requested that the bathroom be refitted with all bathroom items remaining in the same potion, but change the bath to a shower bath. Size of the Bathroom The bathroom is 180cm wide and 182cm long. The bath runs along the window wall. A normal bath length is 170cm which means there will be […]

Bathroom converted to a Shower Room with Bathroom Storage

The client requested that we provide some bathroom shower room floor plans. Converting a bathroom to a shower room provides an opportunity to change the floor layout which if done correctly will provide more floor space. This space can either allow more open floor area or be filled with bathroom storage. The house is in […]

Old Bathroom with damp walls modernised and refitted

If bathroom tiles are badly fitted, not grouted correctly, the bath or shower tray is not double sealed or the silicon seal fails it is likely that water will get behind either the wall or floor tiles. In new build houses we find more often than not that the floor board around the bath / […]

Bath To Shower Conversion including Design

This is another home that requested a bath to shower conversion. The bathroom originally was part tiled with a border tile and part plastered with painted walls. A quadrant shower was selected leaving an area open which was formally occupied by the bath. The bathroom basin was moved to this new area and replaced with […]

Luxury Bathroom Warwick

On first visiting this house in Warwick, I was surprised that the client was thinking about changing the bathroom. The house is a luxury 5 bedroom house of no more than 10 years old. The existing main bathroom was well fitted, clean and in good order. However the client requested a price for a modern […]