Slate grey finished Jacuzzi shower bathroom suite fully fitted

This is a standard size bathroom in a normal family home in Coventry. You could say it is any bathroom in any home. The finish looks stunning achieved by using matching slate effect wall tiles with non slip floor tiles and a matching feature bath wall granite tile. All in dark grey set against a studding white Jacuzzi bathroom suite and finished with high shine taps and wall radiator.

Removed the original wall tiles exposing the brick wall

The work began by removing the original bathroom suite and painlessly chipping away the previous wall tiles (a job we really love 🙂 ) and then tunneling out a cavity within the walls to hold the water pipes.

Bath fitted to the brick with double silicon seal

The next step is to fit the bath. Yes the bath must be put in place before the tiles are fitted. This is not to save on wall tiles (not fitting then below or at the sides of the bath) as questioned by many previous customers. This step is critical in securing a water tight bath. This is achieved by fitting the bath to the wall, then first silicon seal of the bath against the brick. After that the walls are then boarded creating a lip over the bath. When the tiles are fitted the bath edge against the wall is silicon sealed for a second time creating a double seal. This is what guarantees a bath not to leak even if the bath is used as a shower bath as in this case.

Bathroom wall boarded ready for tiling

So the bath is in place, now we board all of the walls to give a perfectly flat surface which ensures an ideal tiling surface.

All of the hard work is now complete, leaving the fitting of the bathroom and bringing it all together. Wall and floor tiles are fitted.

Bathroom Radiator fitted mid wall

The radiator is fitted off the floor, this was possible as we had previously cut channels in the wall and placed the central heating feed and return pipes within the wall behind the wall tiles.

Fully fitted bathroom coventry

Finally the toilet, sink and toilet spray can be fitted. After the removal of tools and waste a final clean completes the work and the bathroom is handed back to the customer.

Rain shower bathroom fitting

We share the work we have carried out in hope that you will conclude that a Coventry bathroom specialist has undertaken the work. We hope our many years of experience comes across to help you confidently call us when you need your bathroom replacing.

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