Selecting a Bathroom Fitter

Here is some basic information to help you make an informed decision when selecting the person or company to fit your bathroom.

Get more than one quote

We suggest getting 2 or 3 quotes from different bathroom suppliers before you make a commitment. Though make sure you give each bathroom supplier the same set of requirements. Let all contractors know that you are getting several quotes.

Don’t be embarrassed – tell the bathroom supplier exactly what you want

Don’t be baffled or bullied into accepting any type of product that you don’t really want. There is an ongoing problem with a small selection of plumbers and bathroom fitters that make poor and cheap choices so that they can make more money or finish the job quicker.

Request evidence of any agreements

When you decide which bathroom fitter you are going to use, get any agreements in writing including of all the products, costs and estimated time frame for the job to be completed. Make a rough drawing of where all the items are to be fitted and ask the contractor to sign it.

Get a video recording of the contractor stating what he is going to provide and ask him to point out in the bathroom area what he is putting where. This will be an extremely helpful tool at a later time if the job is not going to plan. It can also be used in a civil court case if the worst case scenario occurs.

Do they have experience in the work you require – request a reference

Any reputable bathroom fitter will have completed a bathroom recently and if the customer was happy with the work, then will be able to provide the bathroom fitter with a reference. It should be possible for you to contact the bathrooms fitters recent customer directly, ask them what work was carried out, did the price remain in budget and is everything working as expected. If the bathroom fitter or plumber cannot give you a reference, look else where as there are many bathroom fitters that will.

Ask for Identification and proof of address

What ever plumber or bathroom fitter you decide upon, make sure you know who they are and where they can be located. This is obviously not important if the bathroom fitter has come highly recommended or has a business address or showroom that you can visit. But for the independent bathroom fitter or plumber, make sure you know how to find them in the event that something goes wrong or to ensure that any guarantees promised will be kept.

This is easily achieved by asking to view their driver’s license or passport. To make certain you can visit the trade’s person at their home address prior to committing to any work.

Do not take the information on a business card as accurate, rogue trades people are known to provide a false address on their business card, and will drop a mobile telephone number when problems arise.

If the bathroom fitter will not provide evidence of their name or address, ask your self “Why”? Then find a bathroom fitter that will, there are lots of good independent trades people in the Coventry area that will be more than happy to provide their name and address.