Refitted Bathroom with Space Saving Vanity Basin in Stoke Coventry

This is a new build house in stoke Coventry. The original bathroom floor plan had the basin on the left hand wall taking up important floor space. On the first visit we suggested that it would be possible to open up the bathroom floor space by re-positioning the basin to the left hand side of the toilet. As there is not a lot of space, a space saving basin would be needed. The client suggested that they would like storage under the basin so a 40cm storage vanity basin was chosen.

Below is the original bathroom floor plan

original bathroom floor plan

The floor plan below shows the new location of the basin, the towel warmer also had to be relocated. The bath and toilet remain in the original location.

New Bathroom floor plan with basin toilet, towel warmer and shower bath

Images of the Refitted Bathroom

The image shows the position of the basin tight to the left hand wall. We have done this to allow ample space for when sitting on the toilet and to try and position the toilet central between the basin and the bath

New refitted bathroom in Coventry

The bathroom is longer than the length of a bath. To close this area we boxed and tiled in the space creating a tiled shelf and storage area at the end of the bath

Boxed and tiled in empty space at the end of a bath

To heat the bathroom and dry towels we fitted a 1200mm x 600mm towel warmer, it will radiate enough heat to warm the bathroom even in the depths of the winter.

Bathroom towel warmer fitted to tiled wall

The heating pipe work for the towel warmer we changed inside the wall void from white plastic to 15mm chrome plated copper

Chrome heating pipes coming from wall into the wall mounted towel warmer

As the house has a combi boiler which heats the radiators and the hot water, we were able to fit a wall mounted thermostatic shower. It was decided the bath would be finished with a glass shower screen

Wall mounted thermostatic chrome shower and glass shower screen

Chrome bath taps fitted below the wall mounted thermostatic shower

Modern Chrome Basin Tap

Space Saving Vanity Basin and Toilet

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