Privacy and Cookies

Personal Information

When you contact us via our web site, the information you provide is used so that we can respond to your enquiry. We will only use your information to contact you, before during or after your work has been completed.
We do not sell, rent or lease this data to any other company or third party. We may contact you in the future to inform you of new products or services that we provide. However you can follow the simple instructions on any future email to stop further emails being sent from us.


We do not track or collect information about your web use. We do not use any information from your cookies. To be honest even if we knew how, we have no interest in your web browsing etc.

When arriving at your property, if offered tea and cookies there is a good chance we will gladly accept your kind offer, our favorite cookies are the type that can be dipped more than once in to a hot tea. Failing that we would be happy with Jammy Dodgers, Jafa Cakes or to be really honest any type of biscuit – cookie.

If you request that we provide cookies when we visit your property to provide a quotation, please let us know in advance along with the type or brand of cookie that you would prefer.

Other than that, your online cookies are safe with us as we do not use them.

We do have a Facebook link on the website and I guess they track your cookies, that would be how they know if you have liked the our website