Prepare Bathroom Walls For Tiling The Boarding Method

When we refit a bathroom, one of the first tasks we carry out is the removal of the bathroom suit and the wall tiles. When the tiles are removed the plaster behind comes away with the tile. It is not possible to remove wall tiles without some plaster also being removed.

To prepare the walls for tiling, the best solution is to board the walls as this will give a flat wall surface and allow for the tiling to be carried out within hours.

We are often asked if we will plaster the walls to prepare them for tiling. Plastering the wall will not ensure the wall is flat, it will only ensure the wall is smooth. To ensure that the tiling will look perfect, a flat wall is required.

Do not tile on top of old Tiles!

We have heard of bathroom fitters that suggest that it is best to fit the new tiles on top of the existing tiles. This is not accurate and we strongly recommend that all existing tiles are removed and walls boarded in preparation of the new tiles.

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