Modern Bathroom fitted Blackhorse Road Longford Coventry

This is a bathroon that we fitted on Blackhorse Road Longford Coventry. The bathroom had previously been renovated by the previous house owner. The bathroom was fitted with two many items that were positioned badly. The basin was too large, the shower tray fitted too high, the bath was a space saving bath. The towel warmer badly positioned under the window and being too small to adequetly heat the room. Someone had spent a lot of money and effort to badly fit a bathroom.

Below is an image of the bathroom before we carried out the renovation.
Old bathroom blackhorse road longford coventry

Bathroom design Blackhorse Road Longford Coventry

Below is the an image of the original bathroom layout. Youc an see that there is ashower tray on the right hand side with a basin in front. The bath is shoe horned on the right hand side, with a toilet positioned in between.

Old bathroom design with Bath and Shower in Coventry

We designed the new bathroom to provide more useable floor space and to allow the ease of use of the bathroom. By moving the towel warmer we were able to fit a taller towel warmer that would provide more heat. The bath is now used as a bath and shower. We did not move the toilet as the soil pipe is hidden within the kitchen extension between the closed ceiling and pitched roof.

New Bathroom design Coventry

Images of the new fitted Bathroom


Bathroom with fitted straight bath and modern toilet

British Ceramic Tile BCT15956 Parallel Light Grey Wall Tile

Dual head shower fixed rain head a hand held remote shower

Bath fitted with wall exposed Chrome thermostatic shower

80cm Bathroom vanity basin with draws

Bathroom towel warmer chrome pipes coming from wall

Chrome bathroom towel warmer pipe and valve

Quartz grey bathroom floor tiles

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