Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower £4,600

Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower £4,600

We have pre designed and priced mobility easy access walk in Shower rooms suitable for the elderly or people with certain disabilities. Most bathrooms that have a full length bath can be converted to a shower room with a walk in shower, fixed shower screen, wall mounted or floor standing shower seat and support / grab handles fixed to the wall.

When we convert a bathroom to a walk in shower room, adding mobility does not reduce style. Our finished mobility shower rooms look as stylish and modern as any family bathroom or ensuite that we would otherwise fit.

Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower

Shower Room Package includes

  • Walk in Shower Tray
  • Fixed Shower Screen
  • Thermostatic Shower that runs from combination boiler
  • Pedestal Basin
  • Modern easy to operate basin tap
  • Easy Clean modern toilet
  • Large Towel Warmer (Bathroom Radiator)
  • 2 Fitted stainless steel hand grab rails
  • Wall mounted Shower seat
  • Walls and Floor fully tiled
  • All of this for just £4,600 Supplied and Fitted

Shower Tray and Fixed Screen

Walk In Shower Tray with fixed Shower Screen


If the home has a combination boiler, it will be possible to fit a thermostatic exposed wall mounted shower with. This is the type of shower fitted in luxury hotels as shown below

Thermostatic wall mounted modern shower

If the home has a low pressure water system then it may be more suitable to fit an electric shower. Triton make specialist showers with mobility in mind. The Triton Safeguard 8.5kW Electric Shower With Grab Rail & Remote is a shower that can be remotely switch on and off outside of the shower area. The benefit of this is the shower can be switched on allowing the cold water to run warm before stepping into the shower area. When leaving the shower the user need not worry about switching the shower off and can concentrate on leaving the shower area. Once outside the shower can be switched off.

Triton Safeguard electric shower with remote on off switch


The basin supplied in this package is a pedestal type basin.

Modern Pesdestal Bathroom Basin Sink

If the space within the shower room allows you can upgrade to a basin which provides storage. This is known as a vanity basin.

Bathroom Furniture Vanity Basin Sink Storage Unit

Easy Clean Toilet With Soft Close Seat

In some cases a comfort toilet will add more function for the user. A comfort toilet is higher than a traditional toilet making it easy for the user to get up. However we tend to find that many people do not enjoy the experience of a changed toilet height. After a lifetime of using a toilet while sitting at a certain height with our fit on the ground, it can feel unnatural to change this height. The package includes a standard height modern easy clean toilet with a soft close seat.

Easy Clean Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Basin Tap

Choose from a selection of modern stylish basin taps. Each tap is easy to operate even with a light grip.
Modern Stylish Basin Taps

Grab Rails / Handles

Two grab rails are supplied and fitted

Stainless Steel Hand Rails Grab Rails for Mobility Shower Room

Grab rails and support handles can be fitted in exact positions to allow the user complete mobility within the shower room and the walk in shower area. When fitted in positions suitable for an individual user, the grab rails will provide some safety and give the user confidence and independence.

Shower Chair

We provide two types of shower chair, wall mounted chair that folds up when not in use and a free standing chair that can be moved.

Wall mounted and free standing shower chairs

Towel Warmer

A Towel warmer 1200mm x 600mm provides enough warmth to heat a standard sized bathroom.
Bathroom Towel Warmer 120 cm x 60cm Chrome

Wall and Floor Tiles

The price includes fully tiling the walls and floor. We offer a large range of tiles and styles to choose from. The price is for a bathroom 2 meters wide by 2 meters long and the 2.4 meters high. Bathrooms larger than this will need to be individually priced

Shower Room Floor and Walls Tiles

Price includes the following work

Tiling Plumbing included in fitted bathroom price

  • Remove existing bathroom suite and any fittings
  • Remove all wall tiles and board or skim the walls to make them flat (IMPORTANT)
  • Fit and Double seal of shower unit (IMPORTANT)
  • Tile upto 18 Sqm meters of wall and 4 Sqm of flooring
  • Fit and Plumb Basin and Toilet
  • Fit Shower and Glass Shower Screen
  • All other fitting and plumbing to complete the work
  • Removal of all waste materials

 Mobility Easy Access Walk In Shower £4,600

Shower Conversion Brouchure

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