Coventry Bathroom converted to a Shower Room

This is a bathroom in a house in Radford Coventry. The bathroom size is small measuring 166cm wide by 166cm long and 240cm high. The bathroom was made up of a bathroom suite including a small basin, small length bath and toilet. As you can see from the photos below all of the water pipe and waste pipe can be seen. Certain areas of the walls are tiled above the sink and around the bath. The rest of the walls are finished with wall paper.

The original bathroom with water and waste pipes showing

Designing the new shower room layout

The main request was to convert the bathroom to a shower room and add bathroom storage if possible.

This is the original bathroom design layout

 This is the original bathroom design layout

We came up with two options. Both offering a curved quadrant shower 1000mm x 800mm and a vanity basin (sink with storage) The first option moves the basin from the window wall to the side wall which gives the opportunity of fitting a mirror above the basin.

Shower Room floor plan design layout 1

The second option leaves the basin under the window and has additional storage with a set up bathroom vanity draws attached to the vanity basin.

Shower Room floor plan design layout 2

The client choose the shower room layout number 2 as they liked the opportunity of having a large wall mounted mirror above the basin.

The first step of converting a bathroom to a shower room is the removal of the old bathroom suite, tiles wall paper skirting board, all of which was thrown into a skip.

Bathroom going back to brick removing bathroom suite and wall tiles

After removed all of the items, we then plastered the ceiling and boarded the walls making the flat and a good surface for wall tiles

Bathroom walls boarded and ceiling plastered

Shower Room Conversion Complete

The images below are of the completed shower room

Bathroom converted to a shower room Coventry

Shower room with vanity basin Coventry

Curved Shower Tray and Stylish Vanity Basin Coventry

Modern Easy clean toilet with soft close toilet lid Coventry

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