Bathroom & Toilet Renovation to Single Bathroom Kenilworth

Bathroom & Toilet Renovation to Single Bathroom Kenilworth

This house on Oaks Road Kenilworth has a separate toilet to the bathroom. Many houses on Oaks road and around that area have a similar bathroom and toilet design layout. The bathroom felt small and confined being only 150cm wide at the basin end. The clients requested that we remove the wall and change the layout bringing the toilet into the bathroom. The image below shows the original floor plan with the toilet being separate from the bathroom.

Original Bathroom and Separate Toilet Floor Plan House Oaks Road Kenilworth

The image below is the new design and floor plan. By removing the wall between the toilet and the basin and building a new studded wall in line with the bathroom door, we have moved the toilet into the bathroom. As you can see the toilet rotates 90 degress. What cannot be seen in the drawing is the original toilet room, though smaller is now a cupboard offering more storage for the home.

New Bathroom Floor Plan and Design with the Bathroom and Toilet being one Room

Image of the Original Separate Bathroom

Old Bathroom on Oaks Road Kenilworth

Images of the New Single Bathroom

The bathroom dimensions now are 207cm by 170cm which is a good sized bathroom. We used a vanity toilet to hide the cistern, but the real reason was to ensure that a modern toilet would connect correctly. The vanity box used to enable us to connect the toilet to the soil pipe at slightly different angles if it was not a 90 degree fit.

New Fitted Bathroom Oaks Road Kenilworth

Bathroom with Vanity Toilet, Pedestal Basin and Shower Bath

The bathroom is heated by a towel warmer that is connected the central heating system. It is a chrome towel warmer 60cm wide and 210cm high.

Wall mounted chrome towel radiator and shower bath

Rain effect thermostatic shower

Bathroom led ceiling lights

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