Bathroom Suit Shower Bath Vanity Sink and Vanity Toilet

The client had requested a Bathroom Suit, Shower Bath,Vanity Sink and Toilet

Before any new bathroom suite or tiles could be delivered to the premises, the first job was to remove the existing bathroom suit and fit isolation values to the water feeds at the sink, bath and toilet.

The original bathroom suit, toilet bath and sink

The remainder of the first day was taken up with removing the existing wall tiles. The original tiles had been fitted very well and it was impossible to remove them from the walls without some of the wall plaster being removed at the same time. One of the walls, so much of the plaster had fallen away we decided to remove the remainder of the plaster, going back to the brick work.

Remove all bathroom wall tiles

At this stage we took the opportunity of changing all the pipe work ready for the new units. As the bath would be finished with a fixed head bar shower, the copper pipe work for the shower was fitted . All the pipe work will finally be hidden behind the tiled walls or tiled boxing.

Board the bathroom walls before tiling

After this was complete the next stage was to board the bathroom walls. This is an important step, as boarding the walls will ensure the walls are flat. Often clients ask if we will plaster the walls after removing the tiles. We explain that this is not the correct solution to prepare walls for tiling. The walls at this stage are not flat, plastering them will not make them flat only smooth. For a good tile finish, flat walls are essential.

Tiled Bathrooms walls

Normally we would continue the work with fitting the shower bath. However on this occasion the bathroom suit had not been delivered so we moved on to tiling the walls, though not the area of the wall that will meet the bath for reasons of ensuring the important double seal. A double seal will ensure that a bath or shower tray will not leak at the edges. Always demand a double seal when having a bath or shower fitted.

After two days of waiting the bathroom suit finally arrived. First fitting the taps and waste, then fixed the bath against the two walls and filled it with water, with the weight in the bath, we ran a silicon seal around the edge of the bath and the boarded walls. This step created the first seal of the double bath seal. After leaving the silicon to dry for some time, we carried on with the tiling bringing the tiles to the bath edge.

New Fitted Bathroom

A feature wall was created running vertically above the bathroom taps, this was achieved by using a matching tile of a darker colour and edging it with a double Mosaic border.
Tiled Bathroom walls Mosiac Tiles

The vanity unit can now be plumber in and fitted, followed by the fixed head bar shower and shower screen.
Vanity Sink and Vanity Toilet

The radiator is being replaced with a Towel radiator (towel warmer).

The client purchased some items such as shelfing, toilet roll holder etc that we fitted.

Here is the finished bathroom suit.

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