Bathroom Renovated with Johnson Zeppelin Tiles in Bubbenhall

Bathroom Renovated with Johnson Zeppelin Tiles in Bubbenhall

This is a bathroom on Home Close, Bubbenhall that we were invited to renovate. The bathroom area is a standard size at 198cm wide and 166 long with an extended entrance area. It was decided not to change the layouf of the bathroom, fitting the bath pedestal washbasin, toilet and towel warmer in the location.

Below is the bathroom floor plan

Bathroom Floor Plan  Home Close, Bubbenhall

Image of the Original Bathroom

Below is an image of the bathroom before the bathroom renovation began. It shows the different materials originally used some of which we do not believe are suitable for a bathroom. Some of the walls are fully tiled, another wall party tiles and party plastered and painted and the remaining walls fully plastered painted with wooded skirting boards. Over time the water that falls onto the skirting board penetrates the wood.

The original old bathroom  Home Close Bubbenhall

Images of the Renovated Bathroom

This is the bathroom after the renovation was complete. The bathroom suite bath, toilet basin and towel warmer are in the same location as the original bathroom. The original boxed in pipes we moved to under the floor so the area behind the basin and toilet is flat to the wall.

Bathroom  Home Close Bubbenhall

The bathroom was tiled with Johnson Tiles
The floor and matching feature wall is the Zeppelin Bronze Wall and floor tile. The remaining wall tiles are the Zeppelin Cream Wall tiles.

Johnson Tiles Zeppelin Bronze and Cream Bathroom Tiles

The Johnson Zeppelin Floor tiles are 450mm by 450mm in size.

Bronze Bathroom Floor Tiles

The bath is a straight bath fitted with a glass shower screen. The basin and toilet are a modern stylish pedestal basin and wc. All pipes are hidden under the floor. However the waste pipe from the toilet is above ground level and is hidden behind a tiled boxed in area to the right of the toilet.

Straight Bath, shower screen, pedestal basin and toilet

If it is possible to fit an extractor fan in the ceiling, we try to position it directly above the shower area. The image below shows that this is the location of the extractor fan in this bathroom.

Thermostatic shower fitted to bathroom wall with ceiling extractor fan located above

The wall tiles are 500mm by 200mm. The main wall tiles are Johnson Zeppelin cream tiles and the feature is the same tile but in bronze.

Bathroom Feature wall using Johnson Cream and Bronze Zeppelin TIles

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