Bathroom Converted to Shower Room in Wyken Coventry

This is a very ordinary bathroom in a home in Wyken Coventry. The size of the bathroom is 179cm wide by 208cm long. The client required that the bathroom be converted to an easy access modern shower room and that the toilet by moved by 10cm – 20cm off the wall to provide more space while sitting on the toilet.

Old Bathroom in Wyken Coventry

The image below shows the original bathroom, and two stages prior to the finished shower room.

The four stages of converting a bathroom to shower room

The original bathroom layout is very traditional with a toilet then pedestal basin and a bath with a shower.

Bathroom floor plan for house in Wyken Coventry

After discussing various layouts with the client this was the shower layout that provided the must amount of function for the client and freed up floor space. The floor plan shows the toilet in a new position away from the left hand wall. The basin has been moved from the window wall to the right hand wall. This will allow for a mirror to be fitted above the basin. The shower is a 1200mm x 800mm quadrant curved shower.

Shower Floor plan with basin toilet and chrome towel warmer

How long does it take to convert a Bathroom to Shower Room?

How long does it take to convert a bathroom to a shower room?

The correct protocols that must be undertaken to correctly convert a bathroom to a shower room include

    • Remove the existing bathroom suite and wall tiles.
    • Plumb the room moving the water pipes and waste pipes to the correct new location.
    • Move the radiator pipes to the correct location changing to chrome
    • Bond or plaster board the walls to create a flat surface to tile
    • Fit and level the shower tray and silicon seal against the touching corresponding walls
    • Over Ply the floor
    • Tile the floor
    • Tile the walls
    • Grout the walls and floor
    • Fit the toilet, basin and thermostatic shower
    • Fit the shower screen and Towel warmer
    • Silicon Seal all areas.

To complete the above tasks takes roughly 8 days in total.

Stage 1, removing the existing bathroom and tiles going back to brick as shown in the image below

Bathroom suite and tiles removed back to brick

Plaster board the bathroom walls to create a flat surface in preparation of tiling

Plaster Board Bathroom walls

New Shower Room

The Shower room was finished with a Travertine effect light grey wall tile with dark grey feature. The toilet is an easy clean modern toilet. The client requested a Shataff Bidet Douche Shower Toilet Spray with thermostatic regulator


The shower Tray and enclosure is a 1200mm x 800mm quadrant curved shower tray and screen. The shower wall has a darker tile panel creating a feature wall.

1200mm x 800mm quadrant shower tray and screen

The Shower tray is a stone resin shower tray.

Stone Resin Shower Tray

Toilet with Shataff Bidet Douche Shower Toilet Spray

White Vanity Basin

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