About Us

With over 10 years of bathroom fitting and tiling experience. Coventry Bathrooms is a small hard working business.

Coventry Bathrooms are known for its honest approach to business, letting the customer lead the way, while offering stylish and affordable bathrooms in many cases hundreds if thousands of pounds lower than other bathroom suppliers. All this is achieved by keeping business running costs to the minimum as not to pass on the costs to the customer.

At Coventry Bathrooms we try hard to bring you the latest ideas in bathroom design. Achieved by only buying what we need and when we need it. Never having to sell last years stock or out of style tile.
Visiting bathroom exhibitions we keep up to date with the latest styles and products.

We use all the major bathroom suppliers to find the best priced products. Purchasing bathrooms from one supplier, bathroom fittings such as towel rails and taps from another and tiles from another. All these saving are then passed directly on to the customer.

Our business model works on the basis of putting any problems right quickly and professionally. We strive towards fitting a bathrooms that will function correctly at the lowest possible price for many years to come.